EP-Rs232 LED controller

The EP-RS232 LED Controllers are a highly professional and

intelligent system to control LED lighting or incadescent light bulbs via 2-way RS232 serial commands.

ClearForm rgb lit shelves

These shelves can be used for just about anything; bars, restaurants, kids rooms, office, kitchens or anywhere in and around your home.

All shelves are produced from either 1/2” or 3/4” or 1” thick acrylic material.

star ceiling panels and star kits

Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable

indoors with the use of Galaxy Twiilight Panel

EPIC SKY TECHNOLOGY’s trusted and reliable technology with years of experience in the home theater industry make all the difference.

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We are Your Specialty Lighting Integrators

We are a proffessional specialty lighting control systems integrators for both commercial and residential applications. We design and install state-of-the-art LED lighting controllers and fixtures for new and existing construction.

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We are carry lighting controls and products for your home theater needs. Click here to expand

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iPad/iPhone/Android Device LED Lighting Control
Epic Sky Technology works with builders, business owners, IT directors, interior designers and architects to collaborate on projects.
Customizing your Lighting Package

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